SR108S Hiking Computer

The SR108S from Sun Road Technology is a powerful 6 in 1 tool combining altimeter, thermometer, barometer, pedometer, compass functions with date and time to bring you a pocket size versatile outdoor gadget for climbing, hiking, camping, sports tracking and loads more.

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At a Glance…

Digital Compass displays heading in 0 to 360º reading with 16 direction indicators
Altimeter Display range from -2296ft to 29500ft (-700m to 9000m)
Forecast Weather for the next 12 to 24 hours with 4 easy to see weather icons
Barometer display range from 300hpa to 1100hpa (8.8 to 32.6inHg)


Its compact form of just 61 x 54x 15 mm makes it easy to slip into your pocket or clip to your waist belt with the accompanying mini carabineer where it’s always on hand to bring you a host of readings ensuring you are aware of the weather changes, what direction you’re traveling the distance you have covered as well as altitude and temperature.

The IPX4 rating keeps the SR108S safe from splashes and rain so you can use it in all weather conditions and with sensors from Swiss, you’re sure of a high level of accuracy for each and every reading.

This digital compass will help you navigate safely. A Barometer & Weather forecast can measure and plot pressure changes over 12 or 24 hours to predict the coming changes. Altimeter will track you high gain and loss from -2300 feet to 29500 feet. Thermometer provides the current temperature. Date and time is shown in a digital display with hours minutes and seconds.

With a full array of information this outdoor device will let you create a large picture of your outdoor adventures and will help you stay on course and safe. This is the perfect gadget for outdoor men and women making it a must for the adventure in you. Take advanatge of this great bit of gear to keep you safe in any season.

The SR108S Hiking Computer comes with a 12 months warranty. Brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale outdoor gadgets.

Manufacturer Specifications                                                   Pedometer Step Counter Range: 0 to 99999 steps
Calorie: 0 to 9999.9 KCAL
Distance Range: 0 to 99.99 KM (Mile)
Activity Time Record: Available

Altimeter Display Range: -2296 to 29500ft (-700 to 9000m)
Resolution: 3ft/m
Altimeter Measurement: Sea level altitude / Climbing altitude
Unit: M / Ft unit switch available

Barometer Display Range: 300 to 1100 hpa (8.8 to 32.6 inHg)
Resolution: 0.1 hpa

Thermometer Display Range: -10 to 60 Degree Celsius
Resolution: 1 Degree Celsius
Resolution: 1 Degree Celsius

Weather Forecast: Forecast for next 12 to 24 hours weather
Four Weather Status: Sunny-Slight sunny-Cloudy-Rain

Time and Date Display Mode: 24 Hour or 12 Hour available

Backlight Display Mode: 5 seconds super bright LCD blue backlit
Waterproof Level: IPX4

Model: SR108S
Color: Orange
Material: ABS
Battery: CR2032 (Removable)

DimensionsMain Product Dimensions: 61 x 54 x 15 mm (L-W-D)
Main Product Weight: 28g

Additional information

Weight 0.14 lbs
Dimensions 61 x 54 x 15 in


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